Enterprises need to innovate faster than ever before. But how do you truly reap the benefits of cloud, while also optimizing and connecting to your existing IT? The hybrid cloud has become today’s dominant cloud model giving you the ability to choose the level of security and control you want for each application and workload. Now, savvy IT pros know that “cloud” no longer needs to be an all-or-nothing proposition. It’s about strategically pairing cloud solutions with traditional infrastructure options to support the needs of today’s users, workloads, and business goals. Come along to the Hybrid Cloud World Forum where we will be joined by leading hybrid cloud solution providers who will be discussing how, by working together they can help you manage, protect, recover and secure your data in a hybrid cloud.

• Enterprise readiness of cloud services: Most enterprises already use cloud but are they maximizing the benefits
• How are leading enterprises using the hybrid cloud to transform themselves into digital organizations
• Seamless, near zero downtime workload transfers from on-premise to hybrid cloud
• IT transformation with hybrid cloud: buy or build
• How to accelerate digital business transformation with cloud
• Control and manage the API lifecycle across cloud environments
• Hybrid cloud: the delivery ecosystem for digital transformation
• Getting service management right for hybrid cloud

• How the journey to the cloud is transforming IT as a service and increasing business agility
• What are the most top of mind cloud challenges an IT team faces as it relates to security, data protection and privacy
• What is stopping your business from deploying a locally hosted hybrid cloud solution
• Implement new software-defined storage and network architectures to increase storage performance, flexibility and redundancy
• Selecting the tools to best manage your hybrid infrastructure
• Best practices for setting up your hybrid infrastructure for your business
• Determining which workloads to keep on-premise and which to move to the cloud
• Security in the cloud is more than infrastructure


We want our talks to be opportunities for hybrid cloud professional to share their ideas and experiences. Proposals that are commercial or marketing in nature will not be considered. In general, content specific to proprietary products and technologies is considered sponsored material. The advisory board and conference management reserve the right to exercise their editorial discretion. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact for more information on sponsorship opportunities, including sponsored sessions.

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